When I think diabetes, I want to think...
Adventure. Spontaneity. Courage.

Stereotypes are made to be broken. For World Diabetes Day 2021, let’s speak openly about insulin injecting, with real people and real stories. Watch their videos to begin the journey together!

Meet Wout.

Wout knows what it’s like to have diabetes, but he doesn’t let his diagnosis get in his way. 

His story is a testament that life with diabetes can be full of exploration, joy and hope.

Empowered by his community, Wout shows that breaking the stigma on insulin injecting can lead to endless opportunities that make the journey exciting.

“I haven't let diabetes limit my life and I'm not going to let it in the future either!”
Calle, injecting insulin since 1989 

“I feel less when I use 4 mm pen needles.”
Maral, injecting insulin since 2021

“Today, I am proud that I have changed my mind about my disease and that I can take my medication, that happens to be in the form of an insulin pen and a pen needle, openly in public.”
Anna, injecting insulin since 1958

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Many stories, one voice

Connect with your diabetes community


Zoe, Theblogofatype1diabetic 

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in April 2015. Currently on daily insulin injections and also using a continuous glucose monitor. I’m a full-time mum who enjoys blogging about my journey with ‘T1D, Mum and Me.’ 


Adrian Long

Adrian is a retired schoolteacher from Lancashire, who has lived with Type One Diabetes for 24 years. He enjoys helping to spread the message that diabetes is a minor inconvenience, not a burden or a disability

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Ken Tait BA (hons) DHP (NC) MNRHP NSTT

Hypno-psychotherapist & Executive Coach. Chair Diabetes UK-Bromley. Diabetes Advocate & Speaker. DEEP member

Ken Tait is a person with type 2 diabetes who has been on insulin for 22 years. He is an International Diabetes Advocate and has been involved since 2019 in giving talks about diabetes stress and other emotional problems.



DRWF is a registered charity (No. 1070607) and company limited by guarantee (03496304) set up in 1998 to raise awareness of all types of diabetes and associated complications. We aim to ensure that people have access to the right information and support to develop a proactive self-care approach to successful self-management, to ensure that they are "staying well until a cure is found..."


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Thriveabetes is a conference organised people living with or affected by type 1 diabetes. It seeks to Inform, Motivate, and Inspire you to thrive with type 1 diabetes. Thriveabetes helps connect people with diabetes to each other and form diabetes communities


Blood Sugar Trampoline

Blood Sugar Trampoline is Gráinne's personal journey of living with diabetes since 1993. She lives in Clare, Ireland and also volunteers with Diabetes Ireland running local Support Groups. She also volunteers on the Diabetes Ireland Advocacy Group, the National Transfusion Advisory Group and the Diabetes Self Management Alliance conference organising committee.

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JDRF funds medical research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 and we give support and a voice to people living with type 1 and their families. Join us in creating a world without type 1 diabetes.

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